Unique Offerings & Social Learning


At Jordan Lake School of the Arts, building strong social skills in an organic way is a key

in our approach to developing the whole child. Through uplifting shared experiences and specially planned role assigned activities, we have our own approach to learning social skills. We first make a safe non violent, and compassionate space for learning and fill it with laughter, social coaching, counseling, and true long term friendships. We use structure and consistency throughout the day, and have a "static" morning. It is predictable and routine reducing anxiety. Our academic program is a scaffolded structured approach that leads to increased participation in classes over years of benefitting from a step by step progression to every level. Classroom discussions are guided and students use "workplace" boundaries regarding conversations in school. Students learn to be strong presenters of information and a supportive audience in a structured class setting and dynamic afternoon classes resulting in generalization of skills across environments.


Afternoons are "dynamic" learning and incorporate the arts, the running of a business as a team and other experiential learning opportunities, which are the context for fluid conversation and meaningful friendships. Students are supported in working on the lakeside campus, trails, and animal care and find when moving, working with a shared common goal, a sense of comradery is built. We purposefully use but limit electronics, promoting extended conversations and social interactions. Kids play games...limbo by the lake, croquet near the woods, and they participate in clubs where they share interests and make presentations. There are shared experiences which create a shared language...one of our own. It is the commitment to the gentle hearted, learning diverse, nature spirits and staying true to our mission to serve them, that creates a one of a kind environment for socially connected learning.




A significant part of the start to each day is structured through mixed age group learning and team building

exercises after a morning hike. Afternoons and in some portion of academics, team and partner learning opportunities are woven in. Built into these extensively planned exercises are the development and assignment of specific roles for each child that matches and stretches their current skill level. From daily

routines to actively problem solving as a group, we value not how fast we reach the finish line,

but that we all reach it together. We run events, plant sales, theater production and evolve our program together.



Our hands on learning program encourages students at Jordan Lake School of the Arts to

participate in all parts of running their own business. Currently students are developing their own native plant business. They will learn marketing and logo/brand design, budgeting and accounting. Students are growing and propagating native plants, learning the science and importance behind native plants and utilizing our greenhouse to grow plants and for educational display gardens. Students will be growing and using kitchen garden herbs for soap making and cooking activities. to expand their brand. Students benefit from the real life application and experiences from working together and understanding sharing in the ups and downs with an entrepreneurial venture.



Promoting life long skills in social interactions and public presence, theater provides a myriad of opportunities for building a sense of self. In a performance, all members have a part from set design, costume and make up, to filming or acting, everyone has a chance to shine and contribute to the whole product. stress reduction and health through a once weekly yoga practice benefits all students. With a skilled instructor capable of modifying for students as needed, they learn anxiety reduction, public speaking skills and more confidence. Practicing social situations and supportive improvisation fills the class with fun and laughter while learning important skills.



Students enjoy a regulating hike lakeside every morning. An engaging and inspiring way to start each day from sighting herons, eagles, and more, to balancing on fallen logs and skipping stones, students love this daily ritual and social time. Students rotate groups before starting the day and after morning hike. that include chicken care, trail keeping, imagination station and an herb garden for soap making and cooking activities.



Our hands on learning program encourages students at Jordan Lake School of the Arts to learn about, interact

with and care for an array of animals. Through the years we have provided care for our resident cats, Peaches

& Tab, our chickens Peeps and Sunny, and menagerie of visiting creatures. Being a steward of the earth also means respecting

all residents, and we care deeply for our animal friends.