From Karen St. Clair, MS, CCC-SLP Speech-Language Pathologist


As a pediatric speech-language pathologist, I have had the opportunity to work with many classrooms across the Triangle, NC. I feel honored to have participated in the education and arts at JLSA. In contrast to the many classrooms that emphasize labels and limitations, JLSA upholds a spirit of empowerment and growth. Each staff member brings unique talents to support the students in their education and development. The team at JLSA demonstrates an exceptional level of dedication to the goal of identifying and nurturing every child’s strengths. JLSA promotes an environment where children not only have their needs met but also learn to use their gifts to shine.


From Dawn M.


As parents we dreamed of finding a school for our daughter where her uniqueness would be valued. A place where her love of art and animals could be fostered. An environment that understands how important mentors can be and uses guided participation to help her navigate her day. We imagined finding a school that she would be excited to attend each day, that valued the arts, had warm and nurturing teachers and was a place where she would truly make friends. JLSA has been an answer to that dream. We feel blessed to have them as part of her journey as well as ours.


From Heather I.


JLSA has been a game changer for our family. I never dreamed that instead of waking up dreading going to go school, my son would be pushing me out the door so he can get there early and talk with his friends. This is a place where he is able to relax and let his true talents shine through. The teachers have an amazing ability to pull out the strengths of each child and make learning fun! My son absolutely loves the integration of nature and outdoors into the curriculum. It also refreshing to watch how the kids really care about one another and want to see each other succeed. Nothing make me happier than to see the smile on his face when I pick him up each day and hear him talk with his friends about how much he loves his school!