Intermediate students are part of a supportive 4-6 grade classroom of eight to ten students. After a emotionally regulating morning hike and small group activities, students work from 10 am- noon on intensive academics. All students participate in studying units, generally four per year, in our own Humanities and Language Arts hybrid program. Beginning by instruction in non fictional reading for information, students then engage in fictional reading based on the same theme. This addresses the gestalt language gap that impacts reading comprehension in many students. Students have individualized spelling, differentiated writing activities, and a research activity in each unit. Math is taught conventionally in the GoMath texts and with manipulatives as well as the Brick Math curriculum, which utilizes visual workbooks and Legos to build math skills and comprehension for grades K-8. Students work in small groups on Perplexors once weekly, solving fun math stories using clues and gaining deductive reasoning and logic based inferencing skills.


Students are taught to use a binder system to promote executive functioning skills, which is a ladder to upper levels at JLSA. Homework consists of studying for a spelling & grammar quizzes each week, twenty minutes in each the Visualization & Verbalization workbook at an individual level, and on IXL providing a standardized skill by skill assessment in Language Arts and twenty minutes of IXL math homework providing feedback to the instructors on mastery of the weekly skills. Students who need additional reading support will receive one on one or small group tutoring.



Students enjoy lunch outdoors with the whole school, and participate in two afternoon classes. Throughout the week students will have enrichment Science, Civics & Geography, Foreign Language, Theater, Art, Music, Project (Entrepreneurial: Native Plant Business), in groups of 8-10 students with mentorship to younger students or from older students. Fridays rotate experiential learning programs such as; Legofest, CLAWS rescued animals, Traveling Tortoise live reptile program, Outdoor Education, Shoreline Clean Up (Environmental Stewardship) and group photography challenges. Intermediate students are wholesome and dedicated learners who become self determined in their own success and that of their close knit group.