At JLSA, we believe in developing the whole child into a flourishing contributor to our society, not just focusing on the work in the classroom or performance on the sports field.


We believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, compassionate, and supportive atmosphere in which to develop their whole selves. Every child has an innate intelligence that must be honored. Gifts lie in all of us, both academically and emotionally, and children deserve to grow confidently knowing that they have a place and a purpose in the world.


A teacher is a guide, to provide structure and consistency, and to model continual learning and a joy of discovery while working alongside students on hands on and experiential work in addition to more traditional academic development.

Childhood is the framework for how children will learn to perceive the world and their place within it. Children who share meaningful emotional experiences learn how to build and maintain healthy social connectivity and to have a sense of belonging. Spending time in the outdoors and learning to value nature creates adults with a reverence for the earth. Individuals who have the opportunity to express

themselves through the arts and creativity become people who value diversity and appreciation for other’s perspective.


An educational setting should be a thoughtful environment, where every aspect of the day and community has been considered and holds an inherent sense of meaningfulness. Students thrive in knowing that competition is only within themselves to achieve their personal best and that there are enough resources and abundance for everyone to succeed. Students should maintain their natural curiosity, desire for understanding, and an open mind with which they can continue to evolve and grow.


A school must be a community that reflects a shared philosophy, while respecting the right of others to live by their own. In this setting every child feels the delight in friendship, a quest for personal development, and the opportunity to experience the magic of childhood. Whether it be participating in the arts, animal fostering, or a daily hike, an educational environment should promote responsibility, inspire a love of nature, and promote a desire to explore the wonders of the universe we live in.