Unique Offerings & Social Learning


At Jordan Lake School of the Arts, building strong social skills in an organic way is a key

in our approach to developing the whole child.




A significant part of our academic day is structured through group learning and team building

exercises. Built into these extensively planned exercises are the development and assignment

of specific roles for each child that matches and stretches their current skill level. From daily

routines to actively problem solving as a group, we value not how fast we reach the finish line,

but that we all reach it together.



Our hands on learning program encourages students at Jordan Lake School of the Arts to

learn, expand, and care for their school environment through daily activities as well as learning

to produce and complete an annual group project from concept to realization. Students

maintain hiking trails, build and plant raised gardens, create outdoor classrooms and more.

Through working as a team, students develop a strong work ethic, an investment in the school

community, and a real world means of applying educational concepts and social skills in

organic situations.



Promoting life long skills in stress reduction and health through a once weekly yoga practice benefits all students. With a skilled instructor capable of modifying for students as needed they learn anxiety reduction, increase flexibility and physical stamina, and develop body awareness and confidence. Yoga is a tool students can benefit from for life.



Students enjoy a regulating hike lakeside every morning. An engaging and inspiring way to start each day from sighting herons, eagles, and more, to balancing on fallen logs and skipping stones, students love this daily ritual. Two days per week, JLSA students partner with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission to pick up litter and clean the shoreline along the lake to the Bell's Church Pier for community service hours.



Our hands on learning program encourages students at Jordan Lake School of the Arts to learn about, interact

with and care for an array of animals. Through the years we have provided care for our resident cats, Peaches

& Tab, our chickens Peeps and Sunny, and menagerie of visiting creatures. Being a steward of the earth also means respecting

all residents, and we care deeply for our animal friends.



Students participate in hands on learning using Legos to create Lego o design instructor led creations. Using basics in physics, engineering and imagination, students enjoy building, playing and learning.