Community Values




Guiding Vision


We unanimously believe that there is beauty in all people and all things and we can begin first by recognizing it in one another. Without a doubt we have a special group of families who give and receive support and positive energy and work towards creating a special place for children to learn and grow. We continue to develop new branches to extend outward and provide opportunities for our students and alumni in the greater community with the creative and unique flair that characterizes all of us at JLSA. The sky is the limit for what we can do and we always enjoy doing it together.

JLSA has been grown with the spirit of not being bound by what is, but driven by what could be. Our community is developing future adults who have the compassion, drive and creativity to continue to see how things should be, design a solution, and take the steps to make a path for everyone who follows.


Shared Beliefs


We share beliefs at JLSA that bind us and unify our small community while having a respect for others who think differently.. We believe in working for the greater common good in the world and in our community. We have tolerance and compassion for one another and appreciate the diversity of our individuality and what that adds to our experiences. We recognize that everyone deserves a wonderful education, but focus our resources of gentle hearted and open minded families who exemplify valuing inclusion. Parents are the ultimate role models for their children and we respect those who advocate for their own children’s right to be unique as well as embrace the individuality in others, too. Polite words are not enough, but genuine intentions that make strong relationships and character…it has to come from within. Hard work, perseverance, and self discipline are the key to completing any goal and we support children in fulfilling those steps while enjoying the magic of childhood.


Common Goals


The school and family connection is stronger at JLSA than any other school. The commitment is on both parts, to collaborate, to communicate, and to support one another and work toward common goals. This is a small community and children and families get to know each other closely. Families are required to participate in fundraising and ticket sales for our annual fundraising event. With all families committed to reaching the goal, the work is spread evenly and we all enjoy the rewards of our group effort. Families are encouraged to attend family dinner nights at local restaurants, chaperone field trips, boating on the lake, and more.


Kindness Rocks !


We continually work on understanding what it means to offer someone grace. This isn’t a religious reference, it doesn’t exclude or include anyone based on any criteria other than having a gentle heart. We think grace (gracefulness or graciousness) and love come pretty close to the same thing and it couldn’t be easier to offer and receive. It could be defined as meeting someone’s moment of vulnerability with compassion and the deepest kindness. It is a rare thing to find people who hold this ability, and we can have a school of people who do. Kids can come to school and know they can mess up, be strange, have a moment where things get the better of them, and they can still be valued and appreciated. As adults we can do the same for one another and insure it takes root inside our children. What a world, if instead of moving so quickly to anger or irritation, or to find someone’s weakness and use it for our benefit, we just offered each other graciousness and love…if we just picked the kindest and gentlest next step.